Has Anybody Seen Cary Grant Naked?

Has Anyone Seen Cary Grant Naked?

Vienna at nightThe air in Vienna was sweet with the delicate perfume of pastries. My husband stood at the door of a quaint Viennese café while customers came and went and I pressed my face into the plateglass window. My mouth watered from the fragrance of vanilla, chocolate and full-bodied Arabica coffee. “We’re going in to have strudel,” I said. Austrian strudel was on my list of treats not to be missed, and I wasn’t walking away without checking it off.

The maître d’ ushered us to a table with cane-backed chairs. The smoke-filled room sizzled with smells and activity. Delicate coffee beans churned in the grinders, which spit out granules of black gold. Mocha machines gurgled with foamy steamed milk. The clientele was a contented mix of starry-eyed lovers, parents rocking infants, and elderly men with salt-and-pepper hair reading their papers.

From a long menu in German, my husband chose apple strudel, I picked cherry, andGiant Steff Bear. we both ordered cappuccinos. After consuming enough cream and butter to spike our cholesterol, we paid and headed out to explore the crowded Viennese shops before returning to Budapest.

The streets of Vienna might not be on a par with the haute couture shops of Paris, but they are just as tantalizing. While we strolled arm-in-arm and window-shopped, we happened upon a special boutique—the house of Steiff bears, a pricey collection of bears in all sizes and colors. Dead center, in a recessed display, towered a splendid, tan-colored bear, taller than I am. Excited, I approached the entrance, just as my husband pointed me in another direction. I turned and, aghast, what did I see? Not my gargantuan bear, but a giant poster of a very bare Cary Grant! So, I ask you, has anyone seen Cary Grant naked? Well, I have, and I didn’t have to visit the Champs-Élysées to find him.

If you’re curious, there’s more news on Steiff bears. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Z8VbEzRQQE

About Sheila Bali

Sheila Bali, historical fiction writer, is soon to complete her novel, Swans and Cranes, based on a family’s escape from the iron grip of post–WW II Russia during the turbulent 1956 Hungarian Revolution. The book focuses on a young girl’s experiences as her family’s world is uprooted, forcing them to flee their home and country to save their lives. Sheila holds a Fine Arts Degree from Concordia University, plus two graduate degrees from McGill University in art education and special education. She now lives in San Francisco Bay Area of California and paints with colorful words. Sheila is a member of CWC Tri-Valley Branch.
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9 Responses to Has Anybody Seen Cary Grant Naked?

  1. jkvegh says:

    What an interesting article. I don’t know that I want to see Cary Grant naked, but it was a great title to capture people’s attention.

    • SheilaBali says:

      You can imagine how stunned I was at seeing Cary’s larger-than-life poster. I grappled between posting his full- monty frontal however the Steiff bear won paws down.

  2. Ish Kaur says:

    We got to see it to believe this. Did you not click a picture of this monumental piece of art?

  3. julie royce says:

    I loved Vienna. It’s on my short list of places to return. But, now I’m torn. Which is more important, the cherry strudel or the picture of Cary Grant? I guess there’s no rule that I can’t enjoy both-you did!

  4. Margaret says:

    Hi – I’ve just popped over from the #mywana twitter feed. Your vision of turning from a very tall bear to a very bare CG must have been extraordinary.

    • SheilaBali says:

      Margaret, CG was certainly great eye-candy, and I guess I was in awe and shock at the same time. Such billboards are unseen in major U.S cities, but Austrians have a much more liberal point of view. Sadly I failed to post Cary’s nude picture as someone might find it offensive.

  5. bet angel says:

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